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Bocce has its roots in ancient Rome with the Romans being the first to play this game. Emperor Augustus was said to be a big fan of the game. It was then developed in its present form in Italy, France and many of the Mediterranean countries. Socially Bocce has been played on the streets and in parks for centuries, and there are two main forms of Bocce, Volo and Raffa.

Bocce was first introduced to Australia by Italian migrants in the early 1900’s and played in back yards, streets and inners suburb parks. This recreational sport matured to become a fully fledged competitive sport in the late 1960’s, later in 1970 the first national Bocce championship was held in Australia.

Bocce began at our club around this time (early 1970’s) being played on outside lanes (situated where the current children’s playground is today). Later in the early 1980’s indoor lanes were bult allowing players to enjoy the game all year round, with strong social competitions every weekend. Raffa is now the main Bocce discipline played at our club with the club having hosted the Inaugural Australian Raffa Championships in 1984. Teams of talented players from our club have gone on to represent our club at both State, National  and International level.

Frank Capriotti is one of the oldest surviving Bocce players of our club and the person that has for the past 25 years looked after the Bocce lanes and coordinated the many local, interstate and national competitions.  Frank is one of our club champions and in 2017 was inducted in the Australian Bocce Hall of Fame. Frank was recently recognised by the Board for his contribution to our club and indeed the sport of Bocce by having the Bocce lanes at our club named in his honour.

Grace Letizia another one of our  Club champions, represented Australia in the International Women’s Bocce Tournament in China in 2006 and still enjoys playing today.

Today Andrew Earl assists Frank  with the day to day maintenance of the Bocce Lanes and is on the committee of Bocce SA with the aim of driving this wonderful ancient sport of Bocce forward.

Bocce can be enjoyed at our club and lanes are open on demand but generally on Sundays from 1pm to 4pm depending on number of players. All are welcome to come and try.

For any further information on the game of Bocce please contact: Andrew Earl – 0432 876 283  |  Frank Capriotti – 8725 8660


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